Voting Is NOT Optional

democracy, Occupy

A majority of the problems in the USA over the last thirty years are directly related to people choosing to vote only if their narrow interests will definitely be a primary consideration of the candidate. Since the perfect candidate for each voting individual is not likely to arrive in the near future considerations must be made. We have a representative government – and it is basically a good system. The famous “checks and balances” do work. What is not working, and seems terribly old-fashioned, is compromise in the name of the good of the many over the interests of the few.  So voting is definitely the way to tell politicians that their time in office is being cut short in favor of people who do not place political considerations over policy. There can always be, and should be, different opinions, but there must never be a time when wiggle room is outlawed even if it is clearly going to hurt any large number of Americans. And in these hard times it is easy to hurt people who are struggling. So consider how important every vote is and use the ones you have. It should not be a law that forces people to vote. It should be an obligation that every citizen wants and manifests at the appropriate time to say, “Count me in, America.”