Welcome to Occupy v2.0 (#occ-v2.0)

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October 1st 2012 @ Los Angele City Hall Tara Margolin and the world!From the Leaderless and fluid nature that is the Occupy movement, there are many manifestations arising.  For those who asked the question, “what comes next for the campers, after the camping?”, they have not had a long wait, as the activist hearts, with their messages of justice and caring, through mediums and modalities as varied as the participants themselves, roll out their many offerings.

October 1st 2011 Tara Margolin, Serious about Occupation at City HallFrom some it is in the form of art, music, photography, poetry, from some it comes through donations or organizing … for the truly brave it comes as street protests and journalism and political stands made by the few elected officials whom have manged to hold on to some integrity amid the rampant graft and thuggery which tend to direct our governance.

From this Occupier/Mom, it comes as a system of support, with five kids to raise and get through the education system, I am feeling the spirit of Occupy as a calling to resuscitate our public education systems.

October 1st 2011 Tara Margolin, Serious about Occupation at City HallWhy are our school budgets always the first thing to go on the chopping block? All I know is that over my life time, the education systems in this country have continuously deteriorated, despite every political promise of every candidate that I have ever heard speak…down, down, down, goes the school systems, and down, down, down goes our middle class… anyone notice a correlation here?
So I present to you, a Super Pack of Super Parents, called Occupy Our Schools.Org. We will be calling upon all candidates for the 2012 election to do more than just promise to “improve” education, we are asking each of them to sign a pledge, and to take an oath, swearing that they will never, ever, under any circumstances, vote to cut funding from education, from classrooms, or from teachers pay.

October 1st 2011 Tara Margolin, Serious about Occupation at City HallOccupyOurSchools.org will be an important contribution to this great civil rights movement of our time, I look forward to joining forces with parents, students, school faculty and any citizens of like mind, in working to rebuild our schools as the foundation for a world full of infinite and loving possibilities.

Whatever contributions one has to offer, whatever injustices one has passion for, everyone can pitch a tent in their hearts, find a way to support the suffering people and institutions in our own communities over the profiteers who are happy to see us all suffer, so as long as they can make a buck. Don’t let anyone make excuses for them anymore… Either get together with a group or do your own thing, the time has come for all who care, to get our Occupy on!

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  • Tara – the reason that school budgets are the first to be cut is because educated people may not be easily hoodwinked into voting for bad ideas – and there are a world of bad ideas running wild right now starting with cutting budgets for pre-college education. Anyone who has a child in school and sees how hard teachers work and how long the school day is would be hard-pressed to vote to lower teacher salaries, cut teachers and enlarge the number of students per class, or simply cut any activities in school that seem unimportant – arts, science projects, trips, etc. All of the vulnerable school projects are the ones that don’t test easily but lead to creative, smart, adventuresome students. So vote for smart ideas and school budgets will stop being the first on the budget chopping block.

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