#J31 WhistleBlower1111 Speaks @ CA High School Live Stream (Archive)


Last night January 31st, 2012 (#J31 Occupy Speak) Arthur Klein was invited to have a conversation at Grover Cleveland's School for Advanced Studies (SAS) in Reseda, California. What unfolded was a stimulating evening with faculty, students and parents talking about the past, the present and the future of living in Double Infinity. Essentially the idea of being a point of infinity moving through time and space within infinity and more importantly, seeing ourselves through self and shared reflection within this woven reality.

Arthur is a Peace / Meditation / Yoga Activist, he created the film "Y Yoga Movie" which premiered by invitation in Denver, Colorado during the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Arthur also has worked in research and development for Sony Japan, Microsoft, Bungie, Adobe, Avid Corp, etc.

Recently Arthur received a thank you note from Bill Clinton, in the note President Clinton thanked Arthur and the fan of "Y Yoga Movie" who sent him a copy of the award winning film. And the best thing about this is now according to the media the former President now is a vegan and practices yoga regularly. He is looking a great deal healthier too.

Arthur Klein spoken about everything from his personal experiences as an Occupier, a Citizen Journalist and his life experiences from Woodstock to now creating the first Citizen Journalist Website to circumvent main stream media. Arthur also held a simulated GA at Santa Monica College back in December. Check out Guido of Luminaries Rap. and other videos footage from the SMC event in this article from http://pursuitofHappinessYOGA.com.

Link to Video http://ustre.am/:1mw6f

You can find Arthur teaching yoga at Bryan Kest's Santa Monica Power Yoga