Kshama Sawant on Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialism #SocialismRising

Published on youtube Nov 19, 2015 source: Social Alternative Website

I Trust You, Do You Trust Me? Give Me A Hug | I’m Muslim Not A Terrorist

Published on youtube Feb 15, 2015 The sign says: "I am a muslim Labeled a terrorist" "I trust you, do you trust me? Give me a hug" Muslim man's courage […]

Culture Project: Blueprint for Accountablility

Culture Project: Blueprint for Accountability from Culture Project on FORA.tv Amazing Townhall… A real conversation! Check it out and get away from main stream media! Partner: Culture Project Location: Georgetown […]

Occupy Congress – #J17 – Jan 2012 video

Published on youtube Jan 19, 2012 These are the chronological events that took place on January 17th, 2012 by the Occupy Movement.Starting at the Capital building, then proceeding to the […]

#J17: Occupy Congress Storms All 3 Branches of Government

Published on youtube Jan 17, 2012

Occupy LA: Scenes from the New Revolution Part 1 & 2 by Sam Slovick (Video)

Occupy LA: Scenes from the New Revolution // Part 1: A Year of Dissent Scenes from the New Revolution is a five-part documentary series written and directed by journalist Sam […]