Kshama Sawant on Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialism #SocialismRising

Published on youtube Nov 19, 2015 source: Social Alternative Website

Native Life! s-1 ep-04 – Food Sovereignty

Air date 10/28/2015 Native Life - Season 1, Episode 4: Food Sovereignty Co-hosts: Eniko and Patrick This week we will be talking about Food Sovereignty and Wild Rice restoration by […]

Culture Project: Blueprint for Accountablility

Culture Project: Blueprint for Accountability from Culture Project on FORA.tv Amazing Townhall… A real conversation! Check it out and get away from main stream media! Partner: Culture Project Location: Georgetown […]

The Curse of GM FOODS

GM Foods and Monsanto GM food is dangerous and detrimental to your health. Monsanto, the main instigator of the corporate GM food movement would have you believe otherwise. Monsanto wants you to […]

J27 OccupySF Occupy Native America Live Stream

OccupySF Magicmint @doditwo 7,007 Live Views 50 In Crowd Citizen journalist live streaming the Occupy Wall Street movement in the Bay Area including OccupySF and OccupyHMB.

Dianne Feinstein United States Senator, Public Enemy & Constitutional Terrorist

One of the Dianne Feinstein official  response Letters to negative opposition from the people who elected her; who she is supposed to be representing on SOPA, PIPA and recently the […]