Ukraine – Streamers Live – situation room

Keiser Report: Karl Denninger on Banks Violating the Law, Turf Wars & High-Frequency Trading

Aug 11, 2012–RussiaTodayIn this episode, Max Keiser talks to Karl Denninger of the about high frequency trading and how to stop its use for front-running and fraud.

Coke Brothers Hampton Party Crashed by Occupy Wallstreet


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The Curse of GM FOODS

GM Foods and Monsanto GM food¬†is dangerous and detrimental to your health.¬†Monsanto, the main instigator of the corporate GM food movement would have you believe otherwise. Monsanto wants you to […]

The Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu Live Stream

Event: The Dalai Lama welcomes Desmond Tutu Description: There will be a live webcast of the public ceremony welcoming Archbishop Desmond Tutu on his visit to meet with His Holiness […]