Identify Your System and Commit to Consistency

Most will agree that 2011 was filled with plenty of challenges and while these have not been “fun” (my judgement), they have provided unlimited opportunity for growth. Life always has […]

Welcome to Occupy v2.0 (#occ-v2.0)

From the Leaderless and fluid nature that is the Occupy movement, there are many manifestations arising.  For those who asked the question, “what comes next for the campers, after the […]


Ben & Jerry’s Endorses Occupy Movement

It is really wonderful to see when the 1% gets the issues and are willing to trumpet the thought to the world… I am so proud of Ben & Jerry’s […]

Voting Is NOT Optional

A majority of the problems in the USA over the last thirty years are directly related to people choosing to vote only if their narrow interests will definitely be a […]


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