#F2 Occupy Kent State Live Streamed Event (archived)

Occupy Kent State: Kent State Nonviolence Workshop Occupy Kent State Live Link Kent State Nonviolence Workshop 2012-02-02_1250 PST rt 38:12 also: Richard Stanislaw Teach-In 2012-01-19_1534 PST rt 148:43

J27 OccupiedAir DC Live Stream Reporting On New Restrictions

OccupiedAir is an independent news channel supporting the Occupy movement across the United States.We provide live coverage of protest events from #OWS actions in New York City to OccupyCongress in […]

Dianne Feinstein United States Senator, Public Enemy & Constitutional Terrorist

One of the Dianne Feinstein official  response Letters to negative opposition from the people who elected her; who she is supposed to be representing on SOPA, PIPA and recently the […]


Identify Your System and Commit to Consistency

Most will agree that 2011 was filled with plenty of challenges and while these have not been “fun” (my judgement), they have provided unlimited opportunity for growth. Life always has […]


PROTECT US – police target streamer –
Occupy The Movie (mini-doc by Corey Ogilvie)

Be the Change – Be Patriotic – Be FREE TO PURSUE HAPPINESS! Report what YOU SEE, HEAR & FEEL AS THE TIDES CHANGE! Freedom is not a gift; it must […]


Anonymous: #OpBlackout – DAY OF ACTION 1/3/2012 SB1867 & SOPA (our freedoms are fleeting)

This message is an immediate call to a day of action against SOPA, NDAA, and the United States Government. TRANSCRIPT ____________ Citizens of the United States, We are Anonymous. This […]