Occupy Congress – #J17 – Jan 2012 video

Published on youtube Jan 19, 2012 These are the chronological events that took place on January 17th, 2012 by the Occupy Movement.Starting at the Capital building, then proceeding to the […]

#J17: Occupy Congress Storms All 3 Branches of Government

Published on youtube Jan 17, 2012

PROTECT US – police target streamer –
Occupy The Movie (mini-doc by Corey Ogilvie)

Be the Change – Be Patriotic – Be FREE TO PURSUE HAPPINESS! Report what YOU SEE, HEAR & FEEL AS THE TIDES CHANGE! Freedom is not a gift; it must […]


“From Dictatorship to Democracy” the Defacto FREE Manual to WIN Against Violence With Peaceful Disobedience DOWNLOAD NOW!

“From Dictatorship to Democracy” the manual for Occupy to WIN Against Violence With Peaceful Civil Disobedience. Download the PDF, Kindle, Audio Book etc FREE. This is the Defacto Manual for […]

Welcome to Occupy v2.0 (#occ-v2.0)

From the Leaderless and fluid nature that is the Occupy movement, there are many manifestations arising.  For those who asked the question, “what comes next for the campers, after the […]


Ben & Jerry’s Endorses Occupy Movement

It is really wonderful to see when the 1% gets the issues and are willing to trumpet the thought to the world… I am so proud of Ben & Jerry’s […]